Keanu Reeves, Music, Rewards and A New Trailer. Here’s everything that went down in the final Night City Wire episode.

Taken from the official stream.

Here’s Johnny!

After a Samurai is murdered in 12th century Japan, four witnesses recall the events of the murder — including the dead man himself.

The Woodcutter and the Priest | Image taken from

In the not so distant future, technology still isn’t able to fulfill what the human heart truly desires - a raw connection.

Joaquin Phoenix portrays Theodore Twombley/ Image used under Fair Use.

A Match Made in Code

Fix the damn club!

From The Man Who Sold The World.

Following on from Part I, let’s talk about how the three movies stand individually and what makes them so much different than other hollywood films in the same genre.

Before Sunrise : The Beginning of Something Beautiful.

Three movies, two actors, one incredible love story. This is one of the few times romance in it’s rawest form has ever been depicted in cinema. If what you’re looking for in romantic movies are men with abs taking a shower and sweaty women in Bikinis coming out of swimming pools, these movies aren’t for you by a long mile.

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Time as a Protagonist

As Lionel Messi seems set to resume training at FC Barcelona and stay for another year (atleast), here’s a rundown of factors that could have led to the shocking decision by the Argentine.

Photo by Lluís from Sabadell (Barcelona), España / CC BY (
Messi breaks his silence in this exclusive interview with

Champions League Failures

Jonestown Institute / Attribution

The Man Behind It

From being the first band to sign with The Beatles’ label to being embroiled in legal troubles and a fraudulent management causing the suicides of two of the band members, what went wrong with the 1970s power pop outfit that critics called the next Beatles?


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