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  • Chris Kernaghan

    Chris Kernaghan

    Lead UX Designer based in Belfast. I write about design, gaming and what I’ve learned on planet Earth so far. Contact me β€” chris@feedme.design

  • Preetika


    Student Journalist at National School of Journalism and Public Discourse

  • Kreesna Katoni

    Kreesna Katoni

    I like to sing, read and write. :)

  • Vinusha Kannan

    Vinusha Kannan

  • Itta ko Vitta

    Itta ko Vitta

    I mostly write about pop-culture and media.

  • James Burns

    James Burns

    Editor in Chief of SUPERJUMP

  • Brad Stephenson

    Brad Stephenson

    Editor & writer covering technology, apps, social media, video games, Twitch streaming, Bitcoin & cryptocurrency, Xbox, Fortnite, Star Wars, & geek culture. 🌈

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